with Julien Anglade, Director-general of the Eurasia region

« We are exploring all the resources of dematerialization. »

In 2015, Romania was the first subsidiary to launch a call for projects via the Open Innovation Club that the group joined. What came out of this approach?

We actually asked startups to imagine solutions that would improve the average shopping cart of customers using our payment systems. This led us to partner with a project called Weceipt. The principle is based on dematerializing receipts. Instead of handing the receipt to the customer in paper format, it is mailed to his cell phone, and this enables the retailer to offer discounts on the customer’s next purchases, to push marketing content and collect information about his consumer profile. The system is advantageous both for the customer who benefits from promotional sales, and the retailer who develops an interactive relationship with the customer. There is also a not unimportant environmental dimension in getting rid of paper receipts. We have already tested this process in several chain stores in Romania and the feedback is very positive.

Are other projects being developed in the Eurasia region?

Our Romanian subsidiary is particularly engaged in the group-wide innovation process. It is contributing to the overall reflection on major issues such as dematerialization, building and facilitating the market addressing retailers, or the development of the corporate offer. In addition to the Weceipt project we are, for instance, currently studying a payment application for cell phones called Mobile Pay. We are also working on creating a corporate card that will include a solution for managing business expenses which would facilitate the work of accounting services and integrate promotional benefits. Lastly, we recently launched a formula for electronic gift vouchers usable for employee motivation or promotional offers addressing clients. They are not yet widely used in Romania, but there is strong expectation in this area.

What's new in Turkey?

Our subsidiary Multinet, which today is the national leader, is very advanced in terms of innovation since its offer has been 100% dematerialized from the start. This subsidiary developed cards in every area: meals, gasoline, hotels, gifting... There is even a University card. MultiNet also has a payment network of 35 000 terminals, which opens major opportunities for creating new offerings, particularly in loyalty. As for service offers addressing retailers, Multinet is offering a unique system in Turkey, called Parantez.The system offers customers discounts in a network of partner restaurants while providing detailed reporting to affiliates. The launch of the project Restonot is also an important event in the year 2015. This is a collaborative site that allows users to publish opinions and grade restaurants.